Furniture Edge Banding Manufacturing

We supply large-run orders of furniture edge banding, particularly for U.S. based OEMs. Our superior capabilities such as heat activated edge banding applications, advanced wet-printing technology, and Green materials solutions allow us to produce incredibly high-quality edge banding supplies help make our customers’ products top-notch from top to edge.

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Ultra Tech Edge Banding Capabilities

Ultra Tech has been specialized in extrusion manufacturing of plastics-based edge banding and furniture edge profiles for more than 30 years. Below are some highlights of our capabilities to meet your demands.

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“Green” Edge Banding Formulas

We can make sure your materials meet whatever green requirements you may have. Below are some of our green options for edge banding:

  • Polypropylene: The GREENEST solution to cost-effective PVC replacement with better attributes than ABS responsible use of economically sound plastic products - polypropylene offers a great value and desirable performance qualities for OEMs seeking BIRMA Certification.
  • Bio PVC: Basing your materials from renewal stock such as corn, soy, or sugarcane helps to eliminate concerns about non-renewable fossil fuel elements.
  • Phthalate-free Flexible PVC: Eliminate product concerns over the use of phthalates, whiles still keeping the flexibility. We can produce a well-performing product that meets your manufacturing application needs.
  • ABS: A flexible product, offering a greener solution to some alternatives

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Other Edge Banding Materials

We can also produce edge banding in a variety of other materials such as:

  • Rigid PVC
  • ABS

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Edge Band Finishing Capabilities

Don’t take our finishing abilities lightly. We can meet the rigorous demands of today’s most complicated design specifications with the latest technologies required for demanding finishes such as:

  • Wet printing technologies allow us to match any design pattern or woodgrain
  • Full-depth formulation – mixing pattern colors into the base material to create a seamless pattern without the “picture-frame” edge effect.
  • Embossing – allows us to create the look AND feel of wood grain or more creative patterns

Read more about our Advanced Finishing Capabilities.

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Traditional Edge Banding Applications

Edge banding has traditionally been used to help strengthen and cover the edges of manufactured wood composite furniture, in order to match desired wood grain or patterned look of a finished piece. It’s a common application for products such as:

  • Classroom furniture/casegoods
  • Office furniture/casegoods
  • Store fixtures
  • Kitchen counters and cabinetry


Edge Banding Advantages

The right edge banding ads the proper look to any finished furniture product that balances style with affordability, using manufactured wood composite as its core material. Our plastics formulas for edge banding are all extremely durable, compared to non-plastics based products and create a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing protective edge.

  • Unmatched flexibility to match any curve
  • Easy applications using industry standard technologies (glue pot edge banders, hot air, laser, or plasma)
  • Strong bonding creates a lasting edge
  • Wet printing and other technologies allow a perfect match for any design









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