Ultra Tech – Top Quality Finishes for Furniture Edge Products

Ultra Tech holds the highest capabilities when it comes to a full range of special finishing options for our furniture edge products. Below are some of our capabilities that allow us to deliver exactly the final product your designer has in mind.

Wet Printing Technologies

Wet printing is the process used to match wood grain and designer patterns with a high degree of accuracy, including a closeness of up to 95%. Our technicians are highly skilled in this area and can help make sure your product is exactly as ordered.

Designing for a truly unique look? We can deliver it!

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Through-And-Through Graining

Is your wood-grain beauty only skin deep? When a simulated wood grain product gets, cut, nicked or scuffed, the grain disappears. When a grain pattern disappears, it becomes more than obvious that the quality of a piece is less than top notch. That’s why full-depth formulation can be so important to high quality manufacturers.

We can specially formulate your material with the same colors we print on the surface, so that a full-depth grain can be emulated within the plastic edge banding. Cuts, bumps chips or scratches look more natural with no longer affect the level of quality perceived by customers.

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Edge Embossing

Edge embossing adds a new dimension to your furniture edge finish work.

With edge embossing, we can create a texture and or pattern that enhances both the look and the feel of the entire piece.

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Personal Touch

A real person is waiting to help make your project succesful.