“We have worked with Ultra Tech for 17 years now. Their commitment to maintaining cost and continuous improvement, the environment and problem solving have helped us grow and expand our business in this globally competitive and ever changing market. We have become more than partners, we have become family.”

— P.A.W. President

About Us

  • Decades of experience, 25 + years / 200 years of plastics know how
  • Open, honest, pursue excellence, consistency, fairness, integrity, respect
  • Packaging to your requirements
  • On time deliveries
  • Central geographical location
  • Technical competence
  • Engineering experience
  • 12 Extrusion lines
  • 70,000 sq ft of facility
  • Help replace more costly materials i.e. metals, wood, steel with cost effective “green” environmentally friendly alternatives
  • Non toxic resins and pigments